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Hm. I like this thread. However, since I've been playing White 2 since release day, I'm already in post game, so I'll start from one of my most recent adventures.

Took some time to hit the PWT after taking down Benga in White Treehollow..

So much hax..

First I challenged the Unova Leaders:

Yuki (Froslass) @Scope Lens
Timid - [Snow Cloak]
-Ice Beam
-Shadow Ball
-Destiny Bond

Ariase (Nidoqueen) @Leftovers
Adamant - [Sheer Force]
-Hone Claws
-Poison Jab

Aura (Latias) @Soul Dew
Timid - [Levitate]
-Dragon Pulse
-Hidden Power [Fire]
-Calm Mind

{Unova Leaders}

Alright, I can't remember off the top of my head who I was pit against in each round, but I do know that Aura practically swept the entire tournament.

{Kanto Leaders}

(Aura @Dragon Fang)

Now this right here, was a challenge. First, I was up against Misty. All I can say is this; Dat Starmie Speed... Outsped Yuki and one-shot with Hydro Pump. ". . ." Sent out Aura, swept Starmie and Golduck with Dragon Pulse. Then came Slowbro. Took two DP's cause of dat Spec. Defense, but I won all the same.

For some reason, I'm drawing a complete blank on who I fought next, but it was another Aura sweep.

Then, came Janine. ...It was now that I came to realize... how much I ****ing HATE Venomoth. EVERY time I see that thing I believe it to be Bug/Flying or Poison/Flying.. but after a Thunderbolt AND Ice Beam from Yuki, I realize that it's still Bug/Poison... Well, after some Quiver Dancing and a hax Bug Buzz crit, Yuki is down. For whatever foolish reason I had, I sent out Ariase.. soon realizing I had not a single move to use (COMPLETELY forgetting that Venomoth isn't Flying) and proceed into Poison Jabbing, only to lose Ariase as well. At this point, I was mad. At myself. Sent out Aura in an attempt to HP [Fire] that Venomoth, but 'lo and behold, that Quiver Dance made it faster than Aura! Bug Buzz. Crit. Aura fainted. ...I lost to Janine. I apologized to Yuki, Ariase, and Aura for failing as a trainer... and cried in my usual crying corner..

{Mix Tournament}

Aura @Soul Dew (I believe)

After that horrid failure of mine, I tried to redeem myself by taking my girls to the Mix Tournament. Same team. Well, first battle was with some random Psychic who took Yuki while I took his Coforigus or whatever. Battle begins, I realize the pokemon of his that I took sucked, so I let Yuki take it out. Sent out Aura, had her use HP [Fire], took down Yuki. The rest was Dragon Pulse-fodder.

Battle two was against good 'ol Giovanni. This scrub took Ariase, and I can't remember what I took from him, I just know it was never used. The battle was pretty much won by Yuki and her Ice Beam bossness. However, it was at the end of the fight that a certain pattern finally hit me like 37 tons of bricks; My pokemon are taken from top-to-bottom, meaning Aura was next to be taken. And if memory served me, I gave Aura her Soul Dew after my failure with Janine... I was terrified.

Final battle was against my dear friend Bianca. As I thought, she took Aura, and I took Musharna (was the smartest move I coulda made between that, Dewott, and Servine). The battle begins, and I believe was led off by Aura. I froze. I knew how powerful Aura's Soul Dew'd Dragon Pulse was. I also knew how fast she was. I prayed.. Attempted to Ice Beam with Yuki, Aura used Calm Mind. "Oh thank Go- ......OH GOD NOOOOOO!!!!" Ice Beam didn't even take half of Aura's HP. I expected a sweep, so I shoot for Destiny Bond. Turns out, you need to be faster for that to work. Derp-moment. Yuki was gone. It was then that I realized Musharna was a decent Special Def tank and figured, "Why the heck not?"

Not to my surprise, Musharna had nothing that could remotely injure Aura. She did, however, possess Hypnosis, a move I never trusted when utilized by me. However, now was not the time to be picky; I NEEDED to cripple Aura somehow. Hypnosis was used. And landed. And lasted (you'll see why in a second). However, just prior, Aura's Dragon Pulse left Musharna with about 20~24 HP. With Aura now asleep, I switched out and got Ariase on the field. It took two Poison Jabs, and three lucky turns of sleep, but I got Aura off the field. Then came that accursed Dewott. I figured, "Eh.. Ariase should have enough def to handle this scrub." And she probably did. Poison Jab took more than half Dewott's HP.. but a lucky as **** Razor Shell crit took Ariase down in one blow. All I was left with was a horrendously weakened Musharna. Needless to say... didn't end well.

I cried twice in one day.

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