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Originally Posted by Ausaudriel View Post
I am REALLY glad you're 23 or else I'd feel like I was old for knowing what they are. :| lol.

Pogs were so cool. They were like these round flat little things that you collected, and they had different designs and styles on them, and some were holographic and stuff. They were like Pokemon cards. XD
Speaking of old, I'd actually forgotten that those things existed. :( Then again, I don't think they were as popular in my town as in other places, possibly (as I recall, I do remember seeing some around but it wasn't some omg huge craze). My town was kind of slow in picking up certain things back then.

(Never got into Minecraft, or played it at all, but I'd also say that it wins over Legos because you can't step on any of those blocks. Ohhh, the pain.)

Heck, forget now, I'd say toys have been on the decline for years and years. When I was a kid, I recall wanting to play my video games over anything else. Toys? Action figures? Nah, can I play my SNES instead?
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