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After about 2 weeks of watching this thread, I finally caved and decided to join.

Name: NecrumWarrior
Pick a pokemon from the list: Unknown (A)
What's your favorite Pokemon creepy topic?: Theories regarding what could have been, like the Cubone/Kangaskhan Theory.
Do you have a favorite character from a Pokemon Creepypasta?: Ghost from Pokemon Black Version (not 5th gen, the Hack)

I regards to the question of whether or not I have ever believed a Pasta, I'll admit that I actually believe the story of Pokemon Black. It just seems more believable than most Pastas I've read.

It seems to me that 5th gen is probably too new to get any good Pastas, and also it hasn't been hacked quite as much as the older generations, so the likely hood of strange things being added to the game are pretty slim, though I know not all Pastas are about hacks necessarily...
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