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Originally Posted by Mr Cat Dog View Post
If people were more willing to talk about their or other people's creations in the CMS, then I'd be more amenable to the idea of a subforum. As it stands though, I really don't think there's the interest for any subforum of that nature, if a single thread can't get a massive response.
That is an entirely valid point, but I think there are reasons that people aren't posting in that thread as much as they should. I don't know to what extent (if any) these reasons are true, but I'd like to propose a few possibilities:

Firstly, a fair amount of people don't actually seem to know that the thread exists, proven by the amount of posts that have to be moved their with comments like "I don't know where to post this so I'll post it here -> moved" and the people in this thread that weren't aware it existed. I'm not saying this stops other people from commenting, but it seems logical that if more people were aware of the thread then more people would be likely to post there, and then the increased activity would make the thread seem more inviting to post in causing an exponential effect (this is of course a big assumption, but I feel the logic is reasonable). This leads to the second possible reason, being that very few of the posts there at the moment are actually comments on people's work. With the space between each post and the lack of comment posts in the thread, it may feel like posting something that's not a media showcase would be spam as no one else has done it and therefore people don't want to try. However, I'd still say that the main issue here is that people simply aren't aware of the thread's existence or don't know what it's for. Once again, this is a big assumption, but looking at past responses I wouldn't say it's out of the question. Therefore, if these reasons are true, creating a section (be it a forum or sub-forum) for posting the media showcases would A) Let members know that they're able/encouraged to post comments on the work as each piece of work will be in it's own thread, and B) Show members that there's somewhere to actively post their work or listen to other people's work to comment on, as well as giving them an area to find WIPs to continue and tutorials/other media creations to look at. This would give members a place to post a wider range of material, for example tuition videos or lyrics/riffs they've written, and then other members could use those lyrics/riffs (with permission of course) to create songs from etc. In summary, I think that making a section in which to post this stuff would give people the knowledge and reassurance of where to post their work, will open up the possibilities to a much larger range of hobbies/talents to be posted, will give people the ability to collaborate on their works much more easily, and will make it much more likely for people to get their work critiqued and commented on. There's also the possibility that since all media showcases are bundled into one umbrella thread, it may not seem as inviting/important and instead feel like a throw-away pile for anything left over from the other creative sections.

All-in-all it's certainly a risky endeavour as most of the arguments in favour of the forum being created are hypothetical and there's not too much evidence to suggest that people will use it other than an unsupported "I know members that have done similar in VMs" and the posts in this thread, but I personally think it would pay off based on the responses so far. I do entirely understand if hypothetical reasons aren't enough though as I'd definitely be iffy about accepting them myself in most cases haha. I think my attitude at the moment is "It's worth the risk if it does pay off" as it has the potential to be an extremely diverse and unique section if it does kick off, but the risk is pretty large so it's completely understandable if the section isn't made.

One thing I would suggest if the forum isn't made is a possible revamp of the current showcase thread, possibly accompanied with a forum-wide announcement so people are aware that it exists? It's not in the most obvious place right now (not that there's really anywhere else to put it at the moment) so the publicity would help. It could be used as a test to see if a forum would actually be viable some time in the future and if not, it would hopefully at least lead to the thread getting some more constructive activity if it's explained properly. I'd also suggest coming up with a new name for the thread since honestly the current name isn't that clear on what's meant to be in the thread, but that's just a matter of opinion haha.
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