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Quote originally posted by Halipoke:
Halipoke (And Hali to friends :D)
2 Partner Pokemon:
Mimi the Slowpoke and Polly the Poliwag
Why do you want to swim with us?:
Are you kidding? I love swimming and I adore the beautiful and wonderful water-type Pokémon. I hope you won't let me drown, my dear swimmers
Answer Current topic:
Milotic or Gyarados, eh? I think I'm getting political here and say that Milotic is the queen of the seas while Gyarados rules the seas as a king. Gyarados sure is more badass than Milotic BUT OH GOD IF MILOTIC IS POWERFUL. ....There goes my political answer, I'm answering Milotic.
Welcome Halipoke (can I be your friend? :3)

Quote originally posted by Cosmotone8:
[cd=font-family:Nevis]How on earth did I overlook this club. Gah, better late than never I guess. >.<
Name: Cosmotone
2 Partner Pokemon: Prinplup and Empoleon xD
Why do you want to swim with us?: First of all, I've always chosen the water type starter in every single play through of every game I've ever played. Second, I've always loved Water types, partially because I love the water myself. xD
Answer Current topic: Milotic is da bomb! I always found this ugly beast who looks like he'll puke on you or something. And Milotic has a better moveset and such as well. :x
Yes Cosmotone you should be ashamed of yourself for looking over this beautiful clooob. Have fun!

Quote originally posted by Ralaia:
Also I have a question : Can we draw more than one pokemon, when the competition begins? :D
Sure! Why not?

Ok Guys, I will be picking a winner, and they will recieve a special prize, hand wrapped by me(idk if it will be wrapped tho tbh ;\) and you will luv it ;3

Votes Will be counted and reviewed October 26, so get in your votes while you can!
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