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Originally Posted by Kanade Otonashi View Post
I like Iris more then any of the other companions. I find her more interesting, and she certainly has more room to grow as a character then May or Dawn did.
Can't say too much for Dawn, but May did develop nicely for a short while, which I would say is remarkable when you compare the other characters of the anime. *cough*ash*cough*

I don't like Iris all that much. The writers seem to focus on weird things for Iris, especially with Axew knowing insanely strong moves. I don't know why they're beating around the bush and not letting poor Axew evolve, so Iris focuses more on other dragons than she does for Axew. That makes me side-eye her character overall, but it's not overly bearing, so it's somewhat tolerable. However, Iris isn't my type of character. I don't like her personality, so I don't like her nor do I find her design all that great to look at.
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