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Episode 1: A Monkey to the Rescue

Taylor James, son of Brody James, the Gym Leader of his hometown of Ecruteak City, and also son of Naomi James, the Johto League Champion, sat up in bed that morning at 6:30am. He and his twin sister Abby James were finally going to receive their first Pokemon that day.

Taylor got up and dressed just in time to see Abby rush into the room. She was dressed for adventure, he could tell. She was wearing a green cap on her blue hair and a green shirt and skirt. She also had her brand new designer red runners on that their mother had given her for teir birthday the previous morning.

Taylor himself was wearing his new orange cap on his black-haired head. His orange shirt, once belonging to his father, was still a little big for him, but he wore it anyway. His green-grey shorts and shoes were his mother's insistence so that he could blend into the environment from the view of any little Pokemon that could be out there.

After a hurried breakfast of toast and apple juice, Abby and Taylor took a pokeball that their father handed them and left their large house for the busy streets of Ecruteak City.

"The woods?" asked Abby.

"The woods." declared Taylor.

As they made their way through the busy streets, they stopped quite a few times to speak to their friends that were on their way to Burnt Tower for the Legend Trio Festival, which was why the streets were already so busy. Taylor and Abby had the choice of going to catch a Pokemon or going to the festival, so they chose Pokemon.

When they reached the end of the city, their hearts really began to beat. This was where they would find their first partner pokemon. Sure, they where able to play with their
mother's Charizard, Rapidash, Typhlosion, Magcardgo, Ninetales and Growlithe, and their father's Gastly, Haunter and Gengar, but it wasn't like having their own Pokemon.

"So, are we going in, or are we just gonna stand here all day?" asked Abby, bringing Taylor out of his trail of thought.

"Oh, right. Let's go!"


They spent a lng time in the woods below Ecruteak City, but still they had found nothing.

"Should we, give up?" asked Abby.

"No way!" exclaimed Taylor. "I'm not giving up until I catch myself a Pokemon!" and so it was that at that moment, a small dark Pokemon came out from behind a bush.

"Snee! Sneasel!" it shouted.

It's claws, already as sharp as knives, then turned to steel and the wild pokemon lunged at Abby.But just before she was hit by the Metal Claw, Abby was saved by a small, blue pokemon. The pokemon shot small purple pins out of its mouth that hit the other pokemon fair in the face.

"Sneasel!" the dark pokemon shrieked as it was hit by the Poison Sting. But it was not finished. A beam of ice shot from the evil pokemon's mouth and hit the small blue pokemon right between the eyes. The small blue pokemon fainted.

"Oh no!" yelled Abby. But she wasn't willing to give up on this chance of a pokemon, even the weak little blue one. "Go Pokeball!" she shouted as she flung the red and white ball towards the fainted pokemon on the ground. Beep...Beep...Beep...DING!

Abby's eyes lit up as she realised that she had caught her first pokemon.

But the pokemon, which they suspected was something called a Sneasel, was sending another beam of ice at Taylor. But suddenly, unexpectedly, it stopped. Taylor looked beyond the broken beam of ice and saw hundreds of stars hitting the Sneasel from the treetops. He could also see a giant, three-fingered hand from where the stars were coming from. When the Sneasel fainted, the pokemon that had saved them showed itself to Abby and Taylor. It had purple fur all over it's body, including it's tail, from which hung the giant hand. It's face was skin colour, and it had a massive grin on it's face. In seconds it jumped down to Taylor and swiftly stole his RageCandyBar from his pocket. While he was eating the unexpected treat, Taylor caught it inside his very first Pokeball.
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