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Quote originally posted by Aryan143:
Gyarados should be Water/Dragon. I think that they didn't make Gyarados Water/Dragon because the only Dragon move in Gen 1 was Dragon Rage which deals a set amount of damage meaning Gyarados would have no weakness and players would overuse Gyarados.
Also Snivy Family should be part dragon.
I do agree with the Gyarados part because it was based off of a legend that has to do with carps that jump over Dragon Gate to become a dragon...

As for the Snivy part, I would disagree. It was based off a snake/lizard, and it pretty much retains the look most of the time. I would have agreed if it would have gained more dragon-like qualities (wings and claws).

Quote originally posted by Cassino:
Doduo/Dodrio should be pure Normal or at least unable to learn Fly.
So true. I thought it was a glitch when I first read about it but apparantely it is still happening... I get why it is part Flying (it is based of a bird) but no fly please.

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