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My votes went towards:
Pokemon following you
I'd like to see this implemented as an optional feature. I know hoards of people who adore it and want it back, and a significant amount who detest it. It's best to make it optional.
Multiple Regions
Not necessarily for post-game antics, but rather to extend the main storyline and maybe take some chances with the plot. There's only so much change the narrative can see if we continue to have only one region with the typical 8 gyms and such. Expand it to two regions and you have a lot more to work with, a lot of new things you can do.
Battle Frontier return
The post-game is fun when there's variety, and that's definitely something the Battle Frontier had a lot of!
Dark type Gym Leader
There's no reason why not!
Tournament instead of elite four
I don't necessarily want a tournament, but rather something other than the Elite Four. It could add a lot of well-needed spice to the traditional formula.
New storyline
A new kind of narrative would be, in a word, perfect.
I want no Fire/Fighting starter please.