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thunder: update #2 ★


I have arrived at Violet City. Still with one Pokemon, Sydian, a L9 Cyndaquil. I've decided to heal her at the Pokemon Center to replenish her PP for her moves, because we will be needing those powers for the upcoming destination: The Bell Tower. Usually, it was always my first destination. :D

I had to battle all the sages in the tower. Sage Cho, Sage Do, Sage Po. In the meantime, Sydian was also leveling up quite well. At L10, she finally learned Ember. A TOTALLY useful move to beat all the Bellsprouts. Sydian continued to level up until reaching the final level of the tower, at L13.

I encountered Rudy at the final tower as well. He had the battle with the Elder, giving him the TM70 which contained Flash, but suggested him to take an easy on his Pokemon. He then used the Escape Rope to easily escape the tower, and God knows where he's heading next.

I battled the Elder, and Sydian reached L14. Which means...

I saved the game at Bell Tower, next update I will be ready to face Falkner.

Current Team:

Quilava [Sydian] - L14
- Tackle
- Smokescreen
- Quick Attack
- Ember

Reach up, fill the skies with peace, start the golden age. Be the Shining Armour to my legacy.

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