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Quote originally posted by Ausaudriel:
Lmao. Nick you would use something called "Fierce." :P

Old spice is where it's at baby. Denali. 8)
Denali is one of their better scents. I prefer Fiji, though.

Quote originally posted by Frostweaver:
No really, Lego is much more awesome than Minecraft if you ignore the money aspect. Like, which is more awesome... I honestly think that the reason why toys fade out in favor of apps and whatnot on computers is because digital entertainment cost less and doesn't take up so much space.

This is cool and all...

But THIS is epic!
That Lego stuff is quite impressive. There's also the fact that they require considerably more physical dexterity and flexibility to make that stuff without breaking it accidentally.

Quote originally posted by Kura:
I must be the only person who didn't care for legos
Nah. I enjoyed them, but I know of a person or two who wasn't really interested in them as a kid.