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Your Trainer Sprite:
2 Partner Pokemon(First a Dragon type, second from Dragon Family): Haxoruuuuuuuuuuus and Scraggy.
Why have you chosen to become a Dragon Tamer?: Actually, more like, I don't really care about why - I don't know, really, but I do like having fun with them Pokemon and I know that they're pretty versatile, eh?

Quote originally posted by Rainy Garden of Fire: you added the new topic. So, I may as well...

For me, I might've thought that it was truly a Water-Dragon type. But that was before, now it's a Water-Flying type, cursed by a 4x Electric weakness. Strange as to why it'd be given such a type, because...seriously, why Flying? "This doesn't make any sense!"
What's the type chart for a Water-Flying-Dragon? This could get problematic for battling in general.
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