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Banend because Alakazam is a Psychic-type, therefore it can talk back through telepathy!

Alakazam: The missile's hit the target! They should be dead by now.
Prinplup, Poochyena and Victini: Nope!
Alakazam: What the...That Hellmageddon missile was set to infinity scale 1! There's no way anyone would stand the hit!
Prinplup: But...
Poochyena: We had some backup...
Victini: Who is me! My V-Create broke your missile into smithereens!
Alakazam: WHAT?! The Sergeant won't be pleased!
Me: Sergeant what? Alakazam, what are you shouting about?
Alakazam: L-look...into the screen.
Me: What, you watched...WHAT THE?! You guys! How come you're still alive?! My Hellmageddon missile decimates anyone in infinity scale 1 mode!
Victini: Again...
Poochyena: We had a little bit of backup...
Prinplup: And it was Victini! His V-Create saved us all! In your face!
Me: WHAT IS THIS?! These guys...Fine! We'll send over something you can't V-Create! Alakazam! Send over the Devil Missile.
Alakazam: D-Devil Missile Project Code Z-30N-EX?! You've lost your mind!
Me: Fine. If you'll be in my way, I'll set it myself...OUT OF THE WAY! Say goodbye. *presses blue button*
Prinplup: Heeey, what's that blue thing in the sky?
Poochyena: Maybe a rocket?
Victini: You fools! That's the Devil Missile Z30NEX!
Prinplup: What? You're mistaking that with a S30Z?
Victini: Just get out of here!
Me: Ha. You're annihilated because you resist. And that is your only choice. Resist...THE MISSILE?!
Victini: Hah! Your missile's broken again!
Me: WHAAAT?! Alakazam! Prepare the Black Bird 370-911!
Alakazam: You've just turned from slightly absurd to VERY ABSURD!
Me: Fine, then I'll set it myself. *presses gray button*
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