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Playing White 2 - just been through Chargestone Cave. My current team is:

Serperior Lv. 36 w/ Miracle Seed
Leaf Blade
Leech Seed
Mega Drain

Lucario Lv. 35 w/ nothing atm
Force Palm
Dark Pulse
Bone Rush
Quick Attack

Duosion Lv. 34 w/ nothing
Future Sight
Light Screen

Magneton Lv. 34 w/ Eviolite
Thundershock (gah)
Metal Sound
Mirror Shot
Thunder Wave

Yeah, under-leveled as all hell, but I find the game more challenging this way. Also, I know it makes more sense to evolve my Magneton but Magnezone looks a bit too fugly for my liking. ;p

EDIT: Oh, and I also realise three of my Pokemon are weak to Fire. I'll fix this soon...