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Zayne: Forest Outskirts

Zayne awoke to the sound of low pitched snarling, haunted by the events of the previous day and by what was to come. The snarling was courtesy of his Feraligatr who had been keeping guard of the small forest cave Zayne and his six pokemon were inhabiting; a small group of wild Tranquill had gotten a little too close to their make-shift home.
“Relax they’re not going to attack us or anything, this was their home before us” Zayne said placing a reassuring hand on the tall, bulky blue crocodilian pokemon “besides I’m more than confident you could handle a small flock of untrained birds” he joked. The tall, lanky teenager returned Feraligatr to his pokeball and sat by the entry to the cave. He needed to think, to plan. He was only on the outskirts of the forest but his cave was well hidden by thick fauna so he didn’t feel he was required to move just yet not that keeping mobile would help too much since several trainers were on the island. Zayne thought back to the previous evening as they all arrived at the island on a boat. He had been quietly watching as most of the other trainers had socialised with each other, some bragging whilst others sought reassurance. He had noticed others who were like himself also, people who would rather observe the other trainers than actually engage in a conversation though. He did remember talking briefly to an interesting guy with a Marowack as they got off the boat though. It wasn’t these memories that were haunting him like ghastly though. Soon after they had arrived they had been greeted on the beach by the organizer of the tournament, a strange man wearing a mask, and his associates. The man, who called himself Concello, informed the group of the tournaments true nature, they would lose their pokemon if they lost. They would lose their teammates and their friends. This hit him like an attack to his stomach but to make it worse the shift in the atmosphere was terrible. Some people had become predators, stalking him mercilessly and others prey, who were afraid of him. He figured a large number of the latter had already lost their entire teams and been “removed” as Concello had put it.

“I’ll have to battle eventually, for now though I’m probably safest concealed here”. Zayne released his Kangaskhan from its pokeball for it to serve as the next guard before retreating to the rear of the small cave to eat a breakfast of berries native to the island and continue preparing for the upcoming ordeal.

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