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Quote originally posted by Red's Hawt Chibi Pelippers:
Quote originally posted by SkyisUmbreon:
Anyone wanting to do anything with my character?
Sure, either after Krissu's and Elise's adventure or you can run into us on Floor 4 perhaps :3

Absolutely SkyisUmbreon, I'd love to orchestrate something with you if you'd like. Or like Red said, you could meet up with us and join the party. :D

Quote originally posted by Vato:
Nevermind my SU attempt, just found out that I will not have the time to be in this RP...
Oh well...
Sorry to hear that Vato, I knew you had a lot on your plate beforehand. Hope it settles down for you soon!

Quote originally posted by SwiftSign:
My sign up is now complete, Kyle shall join you all in the IC sometime this weekend! :3

Yay! Looking forward to seeing Kyle in the IC. :3

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