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yeah I had a thread here before where I mentioned a style where you pick your team after you get your own pokemon and its down with three rooms full of recruits. multiple pokemon but they have maybe 6 different personalities, and thusly we'd get a bunch of random options for our team. you, a kickass has to win always Charmander, a brooding cubone, and a clever trickster treeko would so be mine. Me probably playing either CHarmander and swaping that partner for a totodile, or me playing as Riolu, turtwig, or cyndaquil.

it would lead to nice character interaction, and the team being played up rather then the two mains.

Also I think the graphics are OK, but I'd prefer a bit more of a town feeling like the other games not this weird camp look. I liked the established society of pokemon. I'd also hope the inv is imporved with some way to send pokemon back with the items in the bag. this way you lose some team members, but keep more items, so its still balanced. Also recruiting is still a pain as most pokemon can't be added to your team until very late game.

Overall I will still buy it if its out in america, but the thing is I want the issues I had with PMD to be fixed so that it flows better when its not in the story.

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