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I'm training to unlock the Champions Tournament in the PWT.

Scrafty (Careful, Lv. 66, Moxie)
@Shell Bell
-Hi Jump Kick
-Ice Punch
-Bulk Up
Main physical attacker. Its HP is low but its nature gives it good special bulk regardless. It can afford a first turn Bulk Up boost against everything except flying types with Acrobatics and then proceed to rack up Moxie boosts from there. Probably my most reliable teammate. I'm glad Moxie is as broken now as it used to be - this thing was unstoppable up until Iris' Archeops.

Crobat (Timid, Lv. 70, Inner Focus)
@Flying Gem
-Confuse Ray
-Cross Poison
Basic standin for any rogue Grass or Bug types. Even at -Atk, Acrobatics hits hard so no need to worry there. +Speed means it outspeeds literally everything (I think it gets close to 190 at the level 50 cap.) Confuse Ray is for things that won't go down in one hit and might OHKO Crobat.

Azumarill (Quirky, Lv. 68, Huge Power)
@Mystic Water
-Ice Punch
Azumarill did great ingame, but I will probably replace it with a Starmie or something soon. It has a lot of HP but only ok defense, so it can only take one or two hits. At least Waterfall hits hard. Surf has no purpose in battle and is only for the actual game.

Absol (Mild(ugh), Lv. 65, Super Luck)
@Scope Lens
-Night Slash
-Psycho Cut
-Sucker Punch
Not much to say. High Attack and usable Special Attack if I want to go down the Flamethrower/Ice Beam/Thunderbolt vein. He is more frail than I'd like, though.

Espeon (Calm, Lv. 52, Magic Bounce)
@Light Clay
-Light Screen
-Signal Beam
Not done training, but I'm toying around with screens and Light Clay. It's not really my style, but Espeon can do it well. Magic Bounce is pretty cool, although I'm still not entirely sure if it can bounce back things like Intimidate (I only starting using Espeon yesterday).

Jolteon (Mild, Lv. 58, Volt Absorb)
@Ghost Gem
-Shadow Ball
-Signal Beam
-(undecided 4th move... for now it's Work Up)
Yey special attacker. It's actually better at the role than Espeon, because of it's nature and higher Speed. I can't really do much else with Jolteon though, and it's really way too frail to consider using Work Up, so the 4th slot might as well be empty. :/ Still not done training, though.

Yeah, I know... 2 Eeveelutions. I just like how there's one for every situation.

Espeon replaced a Modest Reuniclus (who turned out to be deceptively frail... it has 1 defense IV IIRC. But it had HP Ground which was pretty cool).

Jolteon replaced a Serious Ampharos who was starting to fall behind from the rest of the team.

I like the synergy that Absol and Crobat, and Jolteon and Scrafty/Azumarill give each other, though.

I'm also toying around (as my Battle Box team) a VoltTurn team consisting of Gliscor, Accelgor, Weavile and Ampharos - it does better in this setting than an all-out team. The AI spam powerful attacks over SE attacks too much for VoltTurn to be really effective, though...

If it matters, my starter (Snivy) is Level 6 and in the box.

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