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Originally Posted by brica8 View Post
What would you want for a female dreamworld eevee/eeveelution?
Originally Posted by B99B12 View Post
Hello Masaru!

I have a Male Growlithe (Level 11 - Modest Nature -With intimidate) with the move snarl.
If you are interested, i would like a DW female Eevee (No special moves Just a DW ability).

Thank you,

- EDIT - Now level 12.

Also I'm available to trade anytime. Just reply to me!
Sorry guys, I don't have any more spare DWf eevees and those are a lot of work to breed and I just don't have the time to breed them at the moment. Unless you surprise me with an offer I can't refuse. Like legendaries with good natures and decent IVs, except I don't know if the eevees are worth that much to you.

Originally Posted by brica8 View Post
I'm interested in a female dreamworld vulpix. I don't have any dreamworld pokemon you don't already have....any items you're looking for in particular?
I can breed a vulpix easily for you. I want a Magmarizer, do you have one?
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