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Quote originally posted by Zupplu:
I can donate a Ducklett, Klinklang, Cubachoo, Maractus and Dwebble now! I can trade now if you'd like!
Awesome! I'll be in contact.
Quote originally posted by Lunicli:
I Want: A male scraggy, if possible brave nature, bred with perfect, almost perfect or at least above 20 IVs in Atk, Def and SpDef.
I Offer: Foreign Dittos (Any Nature) or a Shiny Piloswine. PM me for more offers or further contact for the trade, please.
I would really prefer it if you used the Breeding Form. That's why it's there. I can use it as a reference while breeding to check what you want more efficiently. Anyway, I can do all that but please change your post to include a proper breeding request. It's also free so don't worry about all that, unless you really want to give me something nice as a gift. XD
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