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Episode 16
ALO!!! Not used to the fairy ears though... They look weird to me, but I guess, I will get used to it.
I LOL'd at the part where he said, "I am no longer a beater, I am just a Cheater." He has practically high levels for every skill, just hope that its usable in ALO, otherwise it might be a waste of space. But after seeing that fight against those Red Colour people (whatever they are called), I guess its still usable, especially, Reactions and Strength, where he held the sword with his hands, 1 handed Sword Skills and that high agility, where he finished the guy in like a split second.
The flying battles where Sugu (or Leafa) fights in reminds me of Gundam. Cos they regulary aim for the the stomach, which is the Gundam's cockpit, for the kill.