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Quote originally posted by darkpokeball:
Hey! I just caught Tornadus (Therian Forme) from my Pokemon Dream Radar. Then I heard that once I send him to White 2, his THerian forme will dissapear. Is this true? Is there anyway that I can keep Tornadus in Therian Forme?
It stays in its Therian Form. I sent mine and it remains in that form unless you use the Mirror you get in the abundant shrine (if you have a Landorus on you). If you revert them to their Incarnation forms, then they will have their Dream World abilities.

Quote originally posted by o Pikachu o:
Does the gift Gible you get from Benga have a set nature or is it random (I got Adamant so I'm just wondering :D)

Is the Eevee you get with the hidden ability from amanita's assistant only male?
Its generated as soon as you get it. Save before receiving it and soft reset if you aren't happy with its nature/Gender.