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Originally Posted by Forever View Post
Based on story alone and without the extra features that enhanced the games, the two would be more equal and B/W wouldn't be left as the less superior one due to having nothing really to go on.
I disagree with the bolded. If anything, the story made BW2 more of a sequel. Seriously, consider the other third games. Yellow, Crystal, Emerald, and Platinum are all games that are basically the exact same as their predecessors minus the bonus features or a slight change in available Pokemon. Their stories were almost exactly the same with a few kinks here and there. However, BW2 had a completely different storyline that stemmed from BW. If I remember correctly (and my memory isn't fading yet), BW did not have Team Plasma wearing pirate outfits, and N was still their king. They don't even occur during the same time, BW2 happening two years after BW. Granted, BW2 does have added features that BW lacked, but those alone do not make BW2 and BW even remotely the same game other than that they're both Pokemon and both are set in the Unova region.

I wouldn't even say that BW got the short end of the stick, either. BW was a much better game in terms of the story than the other mainstream games in the franchise by having far more interesting characters and a more interesting, relevant plot.

As for the topic at hand, I don't even think BW was getting shortchanged. You want to know why BW2 got more features? Because they had the time to build on BW and add more things onto it to make it look better. It's not like they held back on BW. That's just bad advertising. "We're going to make this game a little worse than the next one, so the next one will sell more. Everyone thinks like that." BW2 had the same foundation as BW did barring a additions, which were most definitely added given that they had about two years to release the sequels.
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