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Wow, there's a thread like this :o

Anyways, here's what I chose for names~

Player: Leia
Rival: Spike

I chose Leia because that's the closest female name to my name (I'm a guy x3)
I named the rival spike because of the hair, so spiky xD.

Team Names
Servine: Sir Perior (puns ftw)
Frillish: Fur Elise (sounds like Frillish xD)
Braviary: Brahms (just came to my mind)
Lucario: Anubis (the Egyption Dog headed God)
Magnemite: Lodestone (cause lodestones are magnets <3)
Growlithe: Arcadios (Derived the first four letters from Arcanine, Dios means god)

A little something I made~
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