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Mr. Krabs the Krabby @ No Item (lvl21)
Ability: Hyper Cutter
Nature: Bold
- Strength
- Surf
- BubbleBeam
- Whirlpool

Very strong against Fire Pokemon but very bad against Earth. Should I bother switching Mr. Krabs out, because I got Rage the Gyarados?

Drowzee the Drowzee @ No Item (lvl12)
Ability: Forewarn
Nature: Naughty
Ev's: -
- Pound
- Headbutt
- Focus Punch
- Shadow Ball

Meh, Drowzee is very weak. I really dislike it. So somebody has an upgraded equivalent for Drowzee?

Shuckie the Shuckle @ Berry Juice (lvl20)

Ability: Gluttony
Nature: Relaxed
- Constict
- Bide
- Encore
- Safeguard

I have gotten this Pokemon through the game (HG). Useless Pokemon, just as Drowzee. Somebody knows an better option?

Bellsprout the Bellsprout @ Miracle Seed (lvl15)
Ability: Chlorophyll
Nature: Rash
- Flash
- Cut
- Attract
- Poison Powder

Bellsprout is slowly getting a bit better. The problem is, I am pretty far to this game now, and Bellsprout loses pretty much every fight, because I battle low-level opponents. That`s why I need better attacks. Somebody has tips for attacks?
Rage the Shiny Gyarados @ No Item (lvl30)
Ability: Intimidate
Nature: Modest
- Bite
- Dragon Rage
- Leer
- Twister

Leer is absolutely a move that I am going to remove. Also this Pokemon is one who I got playing through the game. The Master Ball was absolutely worth it! Very strong Pokemon! Absolutely a Pokemon who stays in my team until the end of the game.
Typhlosion the Typhlosion @ Charcoal (lvl50)
Ability: Blaze
Nature: Bold
- Flamethrower
- Flame Wheel
- Lava Plume
- Rock Smash

Without a doubt my strongest Pokemon. Absolutely, just as Gyarados, a Pokemon that I keep until the end of the game.
Drowzee and Shuckie are surely removed from my party. Shall Bellsprout be evoluated and keep him until the end of the game? It is my only Earth Pokemon, and I know Victreebell is pretty strong when he uses the right moves. Should I trade Mr Krabs for an better pokemon? I already have Gyarados, so 2 water pokemons looks useless. And also, I have an Togepi, should I get back to Violet Town and upgrade my Togepi? I think it`s pretty worth it, right?
Nuff Said the lvl19 Tentacruel
Togepi the lvl3 Togepi
Metapod the lvl7 Metapod
Drahmin the lvl10 Magikarp
Mr O-Zone the lvl6 Metapod
Water Noob the lvl25 Tentacool (Logic ^_^)
Voltorb the lvl11 Ditto
Prolostet the lvl20 Mantine
Aardappel the lvl14 Rattata
Norton the lvl6 Hoppip
Dipsausje the lvl15 Geodude
Houtskool the lvl13 Machop
Fckyea the lvl20 Goldeen

Sorry if I have bad English, I am coming from the Netherlands.
Post your teams too!