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Originally Posted by SeekerOfDarkness View Post
Actually, this is true. I hadn't thought of Pokedex entries. Just to add one of my personal favorites to the list:

Duskull - If it finds bad children who won't listen to their parents, it will spirit them away--or so it's said. It loves the crying of children.
Oh yes this, the Pokemon games, despite being targetted at a younger audience, really can get quite creepy at times. So since we've already narrowed ourselves in on this, I guess this would make a good topic?

Which is your favourite creepy Pokedex entry? Which Pokedex entry do you find the creepiest?

As for me, I'd say Kadabra's Pokedex entry for Firered.

It happened one morning - a boy with extrasensory powers awoke in bed transformed into Kadabra.

It isn't my favourite for being significantly creepy or very well thought out, but more because it's just so weird and raises so many questions. Like, why was the boy transformed into a Kadabra rather than an Abra or Alakazam? Why suddenly go into the middle of an evolutionary line? Was the boy an Abra that evolved? whatwhatwhat. It just makes no sense, and GAH.
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