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I apologize to everyone. Your requests will have to wait until Tuesday. I was going to try and knock some out tonight, but I'm WAAAY too beat from work this weekend. Weekends really don't mean much when you're in food service. Anyway, I'm off work on Tuesday, so I'll try to have all current requests done then, here's a quick list of everyone with a request and the order I'm going to do them in:

1. MarioManH - Gastly
2. toasterr - Scyther
3. Lunicli - Scraggy
4. TheUnknown - Tepig
5. brica8 - Dratini
6. B99B12 - Eevee

Anyone else is free to request, but no guarantees that they will be done Tuesday. Event requests will keep going as normal since they take me 2 seconds.
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