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Do you think there should be a grass/fighting starter, just like Fire starters have fire/fighting? Why?

I think there should be. I could see it being based on bamboo, and possibly some sort of martial art that relates to the attributes of bamboo - strong, but flexible. Maybe a panda? (I feel that a bamboo panda is a little too expected but whatever, it'd be cute.) The reason I think there should be one, is grass has a lot of weaknesses, so why not match it with a type that's very strong? Plus, fighting helps the grass type take out ice, so the grass starter would be a little less frail.

In terms of other type combos for a grass starter, though, I'd love to see another grass steel. I love defensive grass types, and grass steal is an awesome type combo (and we could give it heatproof instead of overgrow, just for hax :3) Grass Ice would be cool (yay puns!) too, as it's a really interesting type combo. Other than those, I wouldn't mind seeing a grass/electric (although I don't know what the basis of the pokemon would panels?) or grass/ghost.

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