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Hi Jambo.great to see you are still doing so much in this patch of yours. You remember me? I guess. I was busy learning everything. I worked on a hacked rom(because i have played all gba games,there was no fun adding new pokemons in them and playing again). So instead i chosed a hacked rom,and firstly inserted sprites. I learned and inserted cries, few pokedex entries,moves,etc. I tried editing hero and heroin sprite,using unzlb,nse,rsball,etc,but everytime the colous messed up...(yes i know how to use ape also now).so i repointed hero and heroins sprites to anothere in game trainers just need to figure out how to do the backsprite.(i know the procedure,i have done that too,but the colour wont change.)...i was not satisfied with the way the legendaries were treated in game,so i added more legandaries like darkrai-x,6 fakemons,kaldeo,terakion,cobalion,virizion,shaymin,kyurems two forms.(i succesfully created two items to evolve kyurem to its two forms,like water stone,fire stone,but that didint worked)etc. I learned and wrote scripts in pksv,xse. Created a new safari zone,rotom and spiritomb event,and lot lot more.and there was a day a year ago,when i knew nothing about hacking.not even how to insert a new pokemon sprite in game. It was your patch that inspired me,and the help from shiny absol. I shall be thankfull to you both.
I am having just few problems.i scanned through net,this site,forum,everywhere. I didnt got what i wanted.and if i got the solutions,unfortunately they wont work..i dont know any reliable source,so I am posting here. Again i know this forum is not for help,but maybe you will consider mine as expection.
I have succesfully changed titlescreen in a clean rom,but when i try to change the titlescreen of a hacked rom(it has already been changed by the hacker)'meaning i want to change it the second time,it wont work.the color just wont come. I tried unzlb,nse,nuzlb,all. Can you point a way...or atleast tell if its possible to do so.
Any simple guide somewhere to change all unowns form,name,moves...i really want to utilise those 26 unown spots.
Rest problems i will find the solutions,but i want a good,my heart pleasing titlescreen for the game i put in so much.plz help me.
Again sorry for such a long post. Thanks for all your help,without which i wont even have started hacking.
Looking forward to hear from you.
Take care and all the best with your life and future. Regards...