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Thanks for your tips! But I am at Mt. Mortar at this point of the game, and I assume that when I box my Typhlosion, that I have to go back to an somewhat, easier point in the game?

I think Bellsprout pretty much can cover the weaknesses of Typhlosion. As Bellsprout is almost immune to water. Yet, I think Bellsprout is my "Bulbasaur" or something.

I probably will get Jynx, if I can get it, until that time, I keep Drowzee in my team. Anyways where can I get Zen Headbutt, Hypnosis and all those moves?

Shuckle is absolutely the Pokemon I am going to remove from my team. As very first. This pokemon does not do ANY damage. I always try to flee and get to first Pokemon Center on my way when I see Shuckle is my last pokemon.

Gyarados is great. That`s pretty clear. Just a new moveset.

True, I can rely on Typhlosion when I have trouble. The Problem is that my team does`nt cover up the weaknesses of Typhlosion.

And it`s true. I hate long taking battles (I hated when I encountered Metapod`s in the very beginning. -.-). I want to rush to battles as fast as I can.

Worst moment ever in the game. I had Rage (Shiny Gyarados) as main of my team and I knew Electric is very effective against water (I encountered RAIKOU!!!!)))!)!)!)!). Then I switch to Typhlosion, and then Raikou fled ...