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Quote originally posted by Ash493:
Yeah, sure =D I know everything =D
Lies! "World Peace" remains to be solved!

Quote originally posted by alienhunterx:
Just remember guys for catching each legendary of a specific region you need to battle one of its toughest trainers like Steven for a hoenn legendary to access them
Wait...what? I know I've been poking around at the events and movement permissions making fixes and have seen all of the legendaries in their various spots (like the one off of Route 408 in the water, or the one to the left of the bridge in 410, even the one in 407), but your wording confuses me. Do you mean that all of the legendaries in the game are only found by defeating a strong rival Trainer somewhere in their strongest form?

(Keep in mind I haven't activated any yet, so if any appear in storyline I do not know this yet.)

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