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1. What section/board are you most interested in?

I'm really most interested in trading/battling with other Pokemon trainers, learning about Wi-Fi battles and such I only did infrared with my cousin so I'd need help on that :3, I'd love to know a bit more about the video-games section + all the events that will happen.
Mainly video-gaming section.

2. What other sections/boards do you want to venture in and and learn more about?

I'm not also mainly concerned about the video-gaming section. I also wish to get better at understanding the roleplaying section and battling over other Pokemon trainers on SoulSilver/B&W .

3. Are there any specific things you like to do while you're here?

Mainly I'm confused with the chats here and where you guys chat e.e. I can't seem to find where everyone chats :O. I'd love to chat and chat a lot all the time in this forum with it's members .

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