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I personally find Diamond and Pearl to be the worst games in the main series. Here's why:
  • The sluggish game engine is excruciating, and slows the game down so much that simply moving takes much longer than it should
  • The lack of fire-types. If you didn't pick Chimchar, you were stuck with Ponyta. Wut.
  • The soulless, personality-free nature of the game. It's like absolutely nobody was memorable in the slightest because none of them got to showcase who they were. Professor Rowan was easily the worst of the series professors, for instance.
  • Team Galactic was just in the way, and they weren't a legitimate stench of villainy - except for the first fight with Mars's Purugly. Sheesh.
  • So many evolutions of prior Pokemon were added, yet we couldn't use them until post-game. What's the point in adding those if we can't use them on most of our journey?
  • Dungeons were terribly-designed. Team Galactic HQ had so much unused space and it could have been something fascinating. Mt. Coronet was a horrible, never-ending maze with too many Golbats and Bronzongs getting in your way, even with using repels (and when you ran out...). Victory Road required use of a Bibarel or bogging your team's movesets down with HM moves.
  • Defog shouldn't exist
  • I must agree that some of the music was pretty bad. Either boring, nauseating, or just something that didn't fit. Other music instances were pretty good, but the seaside music and some of the route music could have been so much better.
  • The addition of more pre-evolved Pokemon. You would think they'd have listened to us by the unnecessary additions of Igglybuff, Cleffa, Azurill, and the like. Smoochum, Magby, and Elekid aren't as bad, but they alone were plenty. Bonsly, Mime Jr., Happiny, and Mantyke were beating a dead Horsea. They'd already done enough of those.

I am thankful that Platinum fixed the first five issues considerably well, and thus was enjoyable to play. The only major issue unresolved by it was the atrocious dungeons. Platinum is probably the best game of Gen IV, though HG/SS are pretty good too.
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