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For Cradilly I'll use one obvious pokemon ^-^

@life orb
Sword dance
Drain punch
Iron tail
Extreme speed

Lucario can come in on stealth rick with ease. His typing als helps because steel resist grass and rock., and fighting resists rock.... Well on the offensive side jst one sword dance will escalate his attack to nearly 700. So drain punch could ohko or almost ohko cradily. Either way his hp will be restored ;D so if cradily kives I'll use another sword dance and the murder cradily. On to the next pokemon, a sword dance boosted extreme speed will either ohko or 2hko nearly any pokemon in the metagame. aside from pokemon like probopass and steelix but a drain punch calm them down. And drain punch punch here and there also cures life orb's recoil so have fun <(^-^)>