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Quote originally posted by MaTe9usz6:
The Timer function in RPG Maker doesn't works on Essentials v9, the Timer is displaying, but it isn't running. However in Essentials v8 Timer works in the same event.

Somebody can help me with that?
It works for me.

Quote originally posted by IceGod64:
This video is from v9, but I've tested it in v10, and it still happens:

You could've just said that the Escape Rope is consumed even if it can't be used.

PokemonItemEffects, line 61, add the red part:

   if $game_player.pbHasDependentEvents?
     Kernel.pbMessage(_INTL("It can't be used when you have someone with you."))
     next 0
   if ($PokemonGlobal.escapePoint rescue false) && $PokemonGlobal.escapePoint.length>0
     next 4 # End screen and consume item
     Kernel.pbMessage(_INTL("Can't use that here."))
     next 0
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