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Well most of us play via simulators rather in-game, so making a team is pretty easy, since you can test everything without having to grind and re-breed things. It might be easier if you did test online first, tried laddering (battling on the main showdown server, and seeing what other people use in the competitive environment - usually OU is what most people go by). It doesn't really take too long for us, but for in-game it should take a bit longer unfortunately. :(

As for going through the games... normally most people don't EV train and just battle whatever, rather than having a specific thing to train for. You could try using other Pokemon post-game, but again, it's going to be a very long process for you without RNGing or doing it on the actual computer. As for team-wise, people normally play by OU in the wifi environment, so if you use a team that's under OU it might be a lot harder for you. Alternatively if you did it on the computer via laddering as mentioned, you could easily get NU/RU/UU matches without having to face tough OU Pokemon.

While the server and both the games themselves can't actually ban them, generally things involving evasion like that are looked down upon, and in some cases evasion-related things are banned (from the computer competitive environment, that is).
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