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Originally Posted by zephyr6257 View Post
I think they just seem older.

Children can't grow faster, it's impossible :<!
Check my sources for information on the physical aspect, children are ,in fact, developing earlier.

@Livewire I can't help but agree. But if this is correct what could the way kids are treated, the way they are dressed, the freedoms they are given and the (not necessarily true) information they are exposed to by their community and the media be doing to children and young teens psychologically?

Here in Australia there has been a call to improve on sexual education and in some schools children as young as eleven are being taught how to identify sexual feelings. I am open minded about some of the supposed benefits of this (it will likely aid in reducing the number of easily coerced young teens) but I'm at a moral cross roads because of my beliefs in regards to our current topic. Could information like this just speed up the number of kids that are "growing up too fast"?
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