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Little Root town, the city whose colors never change, once a small humble town, now still small, but town in slight disrepair. The houses down the road were either completely torn down, or were incredibly beaten up. Rare was it to find a house that was full intact. The world had changed quite a bit in this short amount of time since the horrible catastrophe. Pokemon were learning different types of moves, the environment changed, and most importantly people had changed as well. Some people for the better, helping out those who they can. Others not so much, turning to crime, or simply losing faith and trust in their fellow man. It was certainly a hard time, but one girl with her mind set on making something out of this whirlwind of change was headed toward the largest building in the town. It stood at the southernmost point of the town, and was in rather good shape. Its concrete gray walls and lite, rusty leaf green roof tiles held up well. It was of course no surprise as this was the home of one of the world’s most well renounced pokemon professors, Professor Birch.

The Girl knew of the professor from the reading she had done on her trek across Hoenn. She was particularly interested in his research as it pertained to something she was interested in, the behavior of things, in this case pokemon. After the recent environmental changes, as well as physiological changes of pokemon, he was sure to be the one to turn to with the hopes of starting a journey for themselves.

As she approached the building the girl peered through the front window surveying the lab before entering. It was a cozy looking place, there were however books everywhere. It was peculiar as they were arranged in a way that suggested that they had recently been used and discarded as they were done being used. The rest of the lab was hard to make out however, as the lights were out and she couldn’t see past the first room of the building.

“Enjoying the view of my mess I see.” Uttered a low and slightly raspy voice from behind the girl. Startled she turned around and observed the direction the words came from. Roughly 20 feet away was a semi muscular man, dressed in brown shorts, a dark blue t-shirt and a white lab coat. His hair was kept in two separate bangs on either side of his forehead, neither of which passed the center of his eyes. His facial hair was also kept fairly well with it being in a neat chin strap. It gave him a sort of boyish charm that would usually be lost on someone of his high status.

“Well are you going to introduce yourself, or should I call the police to investigate a little girl sneaking around my lab.” The man smiled slightly as his sarcasm ringed in the girl’s ears.

“Ya, I’m sorry about that” she said her face turning a bit red out of the embarrassment. This was possibly the first time she was ever caught sneaking around outside of her home. “My name is Savanna Hollingsworth from Mauville City. I was hoping that you would actually be willing to give me a pokemon so I can start a journey.” The girl said looking at the professor, her green eyes gleaming into to his. The man however seemed rather unfazed by her stare, and seemed to be instead having an internal debate with himself.

“Follow me inside if you will, I am however not making any promises to you.” Stated the professor as he opened the door to his lab and walked in. Savanna followed closely behind being sure to stay within earshot of the professor. “I find it very funny to say that you are not the first person to ask me for a pokemon recently.” Continued the brown haired man casually as he flipped on the lights and headed for a back room. This room much like the first had books scattered in certain areas but was generally cleaner. A work desk was found in the center, and along all of the walls were bookshelves that were filled, except for random patches, which made up the population of the floor. Also behind his desk by the window were a number of pokeballs that were lined up, as if waiting for someone to claim them. “You would think that because of recent events people would not be interested in travel but, I guess I was wrong.” The Professor after this statement traversed the room and sat behind the desk, before gesturing toward Savanna to sit at the chair on the other side. “So tell me, why is it that you want to start a journey with a pokemon?” Questioned the professor. Savanna could tell by the seriousness in his voice and intense gaze that this question was of utmost importance. Slowly she walked toward the chair and sat down, placing her bag upon the desk in front of her. The professor reacted simply by taking out a pad and pen and began to jot something down.

“To be completely honest with you, I don’t know why I want to start a pokemon journey. At least not fully. I suppose after everything changed, I was hoping that I could find something that was more suited to me. And this seemed to be the outlet and need. I was hoping the travel would help me find my true niche. I mean, I fit in at my father’s work as far as deducing why people commit robbery crimes, and their usual habits. I think that is another reason I was drawn to your lab.” Savanna paused to look at the professor, who was still vigorously writing something. “I read that you researched the behavior of pokemon, and how they interact in various different aspects, and to me that is something I find particularly interesting and…”

“Stop as you are.” Interrupted the professor rather sternly “I would like you to stand up and look out that window.” Quickly and nervously Savanna got up and stared out the window. The view was that of the neighborhood, again with its mix of destruction and new growth. “If you look out the houses out there I’m sure you would agree that you see three things. Of course you see the houses that were abandoned after the terrible disaster, and how they now stand a shell of their former selves. And the houses that took damage but have not been repaired, as if they are stuck in transition, waiting for something better. Lastly the houses that are new, and shine, embracing and thriving in the midst of something terrible. From this alone I’m sure you can infer that the world out there will be filled with tremendous challenges. Challenges I’m sure a young girl, such as yourself, may not be able to handle. From what it seems, from when you started speaking your resolve wasn’t where it needs to be, I think perhaps you should come back tomorrow or another time when you have fully made up your mind.” Said the professor, his words hanging gloomily in the air. From behind her Savanna could hear him slam a drawer, the sound signifying an abrupt end to her short trip. She turned around to see that the professor had put away his pen and paper, and was holding her bag waiting for her by the door of the room. He gave a small gesture and walked out toward the front. Savanna lingered a moment after the professor left and once more looked out at the window at the different houses before turning around and following birch out of the lab.

“I’m sorry that I had to disappoint you, but maybe you have not gotten the push you needed yet.” Said the professor as he handed the girl her bag. “Maybe next time.” With that professor Birch closed his door and was gone. Savanna stood there shocked that it had all happened so fast, as she walked off, she did let out a small smirk of triumph. Reaching into her pocket she pulled out one of the pokeballs that was sitting by the window. She did feel a little bit bad for the professor, but he had more or less told her that she was not cut out for the job. She stared into the ball at the pokemon she had chosen, confined in the ball was a small dinosaur looking pokemon that shined a metal. She recognized the pokemon as an Aron, a steel rock type. Out of the pokemon on the table to her this was the obvious choice; it was one that was hardy, one that she could depend on in these hard times. After reaching the edge of the city, where the noise level died down, Savannah heard a strange sound coming from her bag. It sounded as if something was clanging. She quickly put the bag down and opened it. Inside was not only a brand new Pokedex, but ten unused pokeballs. Pulling out the Pokedex she found a note written by the Professor.

So if I was right about you, I believe that you took my speech rather well. Or well enough to take a pokemon from me, but I feel I must explain myself. I’ve been expecting your arrival for quite some time. Week s ago your father had told me you were headed here to claim your first pokemon, and went on to divulge a good amount of information about you. From what I gathered you are the type who will at times fight for what they want, and for you that would be knowledge. I assumed that you would want it badly enough to resort to stealing, even though I can hardly count it as stealing if I knew beforehand what you were doing, but I digress. You will now be charged with a great responsibility and like the new houses you must rise to the challenge. You have a very unique skillset that others may come to rely on, and that includes me and the rest of the people of this earth. I’m sure you are aware of the evil forces that have reared their heads. I am by no means asking you to take them on, but to be aware that temptation is around every corner, and at times it will be very easy to succumb. Much like your father, I have faith from here on out you will do the right thing. At the bottom of this note is a ticket to the S.S. Libra II, I hope to see you on the ship when it departs from Slateport. I have also taken the liberty of arranging a ride for you to Slateport from the edge of town, you’ll know it when you see it. Other than that I ask that in your quest you please record whatever pokemon you see in the Pokedex to catalog any new changes to them that may have happened. Also in the front pouch of your bag I left a notebook for your own personal notes, along with a small book on basic behavior of pokemon. With your perception I’m sure you’ll be able to make something out of it. In closing I wish you the best of luck on your trip, and I am ever so grateful to be the one to give you your final push toward your goals. Yours truly, Professor Birch.

He knew, the professor knew. Savanna stood there in awe tears starting to flow down her cheeks. It wasn’t very often that someone had caused such drastic change of emotions in her in such a short time. Not only that, but he read her emotions, better than most could have who had known her for years. Perhaps it was his knowledge of behavior, or maybe it was because he could see potential. Whatever the case the situation presented to Savanna was more than she could have hoped for, but this was not the time to sit and linger in her thoughts. After all she had to find this ride the professor mentioned. Looking around she could see nothing that was too out of the ordinary. A few Poochyena running around, and a Swellow with a red scarf sitting in a tree. Curious, Savanna zipped up her backpack after securing her new item safely inside and approached the flying type. The bird, which had never broken eye contact with the girl, hopped out of the tree and landed in front of her its right side facing her body, as if telling her to climb on. Without much hesitation, seeing as no wild pokemon would do such a thing, the girl climbed on and grasped the bird around its neck. The bird then immediately took off flying northwest towards Slateport.

After a little over two hours of flying the bird pokemon touched down in Slateport. It had landed in a small clearing in town not too far from the docks. As Savanna got off it let out a small cry and took of back to the sky. She looked around after the bird pokemon disappeared from sight, and wasn’t too shocked at what she saw. This city much like the others had suffered a good amount of damage, this town however suffered mostly from damage caused by water. In an attempt to not get further distracted Savanna began to hurry toward the docks. From where she was she could already see the S.S. Libra quite clearly, and after a short jog she found herself at the boarding platform. She handed the guard her ticket and continued to make her way onto the ship after he handed her the passenger stub.

As she walked to the front of the ship, Savanna pulled out the pokeball yet again, this time clicking the button at the front. In a flash a bright white light, the dinosaur pokemon formed at her feet. The pokemon looked up to her with great curiosity, and let out a small cry that sounded like a mix between a bark and a howl.

“You’re a cute one aren’t you. I guess if you are going to be with me you will need a name. I have the perfect one, how about Daichi, it means of the earth, so it fits you quite well.” The pokemon gave her a smile in response and then proceeded to rub its head on her leg in approval. “Alright then Daichi, from here on out, it’s you and me, hopefully we will make something of this trip.” The brown hared girl let out one more smile before losing herself in though, while staring out into the clear blue waters.
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