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Quote originally posted by iwelshykid:
Sorry if this has already been solved/answered, as I didn't comb through the whole thread, but when I play the game I'm only seeing Gen 1 Pokemon? I know I patched it right because the sprites are different and there's a day/night cycle.
Not sure if there's a second pokedex I need to get or what, someone mind pointing me in the right direction?
Read. The. First. Post. I refuse to answer questions from people who clearly haven't done so! I don't expect you to read the entire thread, but the first post should always be your first stop since it explains everything.

Quote originally posted by tamsheel:
cut for brevity
tl;dr. (Actually, I did read it, and came to the conclusion that it's mostly spam). I don't need to know your life story, especially if it's irrelevant to the thread, which this is.
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