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I got it, and it's very much like encountering wild Pokemon in the game.

You have a couple that absolutely love you and are the most common things ever (I've encountered more Bronzor than anything), and you have a couple of rares, or uncommons that seem really rare (only found one Ralts so far).

Funny thing about this feature is, you can catch female Pokemon on it, which lets you breed in hidden abilities.

I'm still sad, they should make it so when you beat the main story, you should be able to catch hidden ability starters. That would make this an instant seller.

What I've seen in the DR is...
Porygon (finally got the Timid one, bred for the right ability)
Swablu (want to train up an Altaria, for the sole purpose of Cotton Guard and Dragon Dance)
Bronzor (your ability sooo bad! Stop spamming my spaces!)
Rotom (happy when I got it, sad when it turned out to be Calm, need dat Timid Rotom!)

Fortunately, the items allow for further gameplay.
I've gotten...
Moon Stone
Water Stone
Fire Stone
Shiny Stone
Max Revive
Red Shard
Blue Shard
Green Shard
Yellow Shard
Sacred Ash (reeeeally happy about this one, got two of them)

All in all, not a bad feature. Plus, it's finally a way to use the coins for the 3DS, never used them before.

All in all, give it a thumbs-up.
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