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What is happening in your Join Avenue? Have any fun or interesting Avenue stories? Join Avenue is a new feature, so maybe you have questions on how to make the most of it. Come on in and chat about Join Avenue, the Fresh place to be!

My PC is named Julius and his Avenue Tile is "Caesar". So, everybody calls me Caesar when I walk by. The catch phases I have are "LookAtMe!" and "ZONK!"

My Avenue has made it to Level 2. But I still haven't been allowed to buy anything there. I think it is because I play on 2 DS's with two different times on the clock.

You can do GTS trade or Random Match Ups to add more people to Join Avenue.

If you use memory link or trade with your old games, your old PC from BW can show up. Mine is a Toddler that shouts "Help<3"
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