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Dear Anonymous,

Cutting you out of my life was a very good thing to do! Thanks for everything! Enjoy what you have, because life is too short, I'm happy without you around me, you're happy too, I hope. I'm blessed to have met you but it was only for a fleeting moment, we're done, you don't know what's happening with me, I don't know what's happening with you. Let's keep it like that, because while I move on to bigger and better things you can stay where you are, because with the attitude you have you're not getting far, and it's a shame, because you had the potential!

Dear Anonymous,

I'm not sure what I should think of this. We've become quite close quite quickly, and everyone says that this treatment is your way of showing friendship, I know you do it to everyone, but wow. I wish you'd stop, because it's nasty. I know you have issues expressing your feelings but you're nasty to other people, and I don't even think you intend for it to come across like that, but you're not considering the feelings of other people. I suppose it's okay though because I'm just as bad back. I'm looking forward to these next couple of years, let's see what happens.
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