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Originally Posted by ElitePokes View Post
Hey Jambo thnx for this patch and the latest fix does lc use this patch and if it does since you fixed the pokedex bug will liquid crystal get its pokedex fixed soon?
I already fixed it in LC, but the patch hasn't been updated yet, so you won't get the benefit of it. Bear in mind that it'll only fix it for future Pokémon evolutions, I can't make it backwards compatible.

Originally Posted by ElitePokes View Post
Also will you add the new items, moves and abilities in the hack link said he wnt add new gen pokemon but i never saw him saying anything for the rest
Someone said that he saw a new gen pokemon in lc and that makes me wonder if u have a surprise for us in the future :D
No, he saw a remnant of me copying the decapitalised names over from the 649 Patch. The new Pokémon are definitely NOT being added. The plan is to add the 4th gen moves, and possibly some of the abilities. (And even then, that's only because the Physical/Special split needs balanced!)
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