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Quote originally posted by rpg man:
You're still working on this?




Yeah, thanks for playing!
Quote originally posted by pokemonmaster42:
this is by far the best hack that I've ever played since Pokemon Ash Gray
Thanks a lot!
Quote originally posted by ElitePokes:
Really good hack with an interesting plot i liked the part where you
change bodies with the rival and enter the base

Cant wait for the new maps and also i can see that sevii islands will have an amazing story too in your other hack after playing this hack
Put it in spoiler tags like I did! There are still people who haven't played...
Quote originally posted by CycloneGU:
Shh. Don't spoil it for those who haven't played.

Seriously, that was my biggest WTF moment of the hack so far.


Haha, I enjoy doing odd things like that. And I think I need to fix the execution of that event.
Possibly even change around items and Pokémon somehow.

Quote originally posted by ElitePokes:
Lol sorry, i was like wtf too :D
And btw the npcs say really funny things :D
Haha, thanks!


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