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Clare and Kale
Getting back to campus, they were taken to the campus hospital. O had helped with Kale's injuries as best as he could, but he still suggested a trip to the doctor. They entered the building, Kale relying heavily on the support of Clare, "Thanks again Clare, I know it must be pretty tiring to pretty much carry me over here."

Clare shook her head, "I don't think you can thank me ten times like that, especially since you saved my life." She shrugged her shoulders, they were getting tired, "Anyways we won and got to see the best student on campus fight." Clare actually didn't see him fight, but she did see how he handled the situation and admired that. She set a new goal to be as brave, calm, and as much a leader like O was.

"We didn't get to see him fight," Kale whined, "And we would've died if he wasn't there. I feel so weak knowing there are monsters like that out there." Kale was given pain killers for his broken ribs, so he wasn't in extreme pain, yet he was sore all over.

Both of them were a mess, Kale had bruises, scrapes, and his hair was messed up. His clothes were somewhat ripped, and he was covered in debris. Clare on the other hand was just as dirty, but she had few injuries, considering she dodged most of the time, but her hair was caked in dirt, rubble, and looked white from concrete. As they walked they couldn't both help but feel like scrubs.

"I know that beast, man, thing made us look weak, but I know we aren't and you know we aren't. I bet we are still better than most students, okay pal." She knew he was a bit down about the fight, she herself was, but she wasn't the one who had to go to the hospital, she wasn't the one who got up despite injuries to save someone. "I'm just glad we lived to prove ourself on another mission."

They requested an emergency room, the nurse nodded and made a call. In a few minutes doctors raced in with carts and laid Kale on it. They carted him off behind some doors. Clare waited, unsure about what to do, after about ten minutes the nurse came back, "We did a scan, your partner has four broken ribs, and a broken arm. We can replace the arm for free, but the ribs will have to be paid for."

"Wait bu-" Clare was about to protest but she heard a familiar voice from behind her.

"No need to worry, the bonus from unexpected complications will pay for the broken ribs. Oh and if you're wondering why the arm is free, it's because I do them personally." Clare turned to see O again, again saving them, albeit in a different way.

"What took you so long to get here?" Clare and Kale had been on the island well over an hour.

"I had to inform the families of the deceased." He solemnly looked down, and took a sigh, "Nobody expected a husk to arrive at such a location. But no need to worry yourself, though next week there will be a memorial service." He wrote a note, "This will excuse you from any class, please do attend it." Clare agreed, "I'll have your friend better by the end of the day, please do not wait here, as I am not allowed to let anyone in during procedures." He walked through the doors, nurse and Lucy in toll.

Clare went outside, unclear about what to do. It was still fairly early, only some students had classes so she felt pretty alone. I wish I knew someone to hang with... She noticed a poster with a "Did You Know" title, "Did you know that students who have a partner can make a group with two other student pairs to form a group. And that three groups together make a squad?" Clare read aloud. She wondered if O, Maggy, Lucy, and Will were all a group and wondered who would be on her group. She decided to wonder around, hoping to bump into someone she knew.
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