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flyknight, this would be a good challenge if only you were participating! :( If you can't do it, feel free to post about it in the CI&D and perhaps someone will adopt it and post a thread for it with credit to you. If you'd rather not do that, resubmit it with your sign up please.

Ayran143, you can monotype a Nuzlocke by signing up for the Nuzlocke. I'm sure Vaporeon7 won't mind you having to bend the rule on catching the first Pokemon of your type instead of the first Pokemon in general.

LavenderTown, you're not participating, so unapproved. Also, the name seems...odd? The challenge doesn't have anything to do with being your best friend. If anything, those rules make the game your worst enemy, lol. Though "worst enemy" challenge doesn't seem like a good name.
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