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Quote originally posted by Skyy:
So I'm in Drakebreath City and I have the final tablet and I know I need to go back to my hometown and visit Jasmine. What I want to know, is what is the quickest way to get there and the quickest way to get back to Drakebreath.
I know you can travel down Route 417 from Drakebreath City. Since you can't Fly, the best option is traveling that back into Serenity City and heading south through Route 412, Mt. Zhery, Groment City, Route 411 (bring Strength), Mt. Shuem (bring a Lava Surf user), Emerny Town, Marfeny Lake (surfing across), Central City, Route 401, Yellow Town, into the lab. Retrace your steps to Serenity City (this is a great time to gain some experience while traveling the mountain areas BTW, or bring some Super Repels or Max Repels) then work your way back around (including Mt. Icestorm and the water Route 416) as Route 417 is one-way from Drakebreath City. You can't Fly until you reach Lauren and acquire the HM there.

Yes, cruel and a lot of traveling. I'm not looking forward to that. It would have been nice if instead of another huge loop that Drakebreath City was somewhere close to Yellow Town accessible via a late-received HM in the game, or one only useable after defeating the last Gym before the Tablet Trek. Perhaps another long Route could have been in between the two. (But seriously, come on - why can't we at least receive Fly by the 8th Gym instead of in the post-game? Why was there no HM-removable blocker on 417 instead to shorten the trek, with HM received in Drakebreathe or sometime after Snowce City? Just these little things could have been improvements...)

And while I'm at it, I'm now looking at the map. Where on Earth is Route 503? I don't even see data for it.

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