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Originally Posted by Aryan143 View Post
I think that Farfetch'D is the most underrated because it is very weak. It doesn't learn any good moves either plus very less people use it.
But the idea of being underrated is that the Pokémon is actually good to use, but people don't use it anyway - Farfetch'd certainly doesn't come under this category xD Farfetch'd just seems to be one of those unfortunate Pokémon like Luvdisc where the creators just thought "Hmm, I don't like this animal, I'll turn it into something awful!" It has awful stats (not a single stat above 65), a rubbish move set bar one or two moves, and for some reason it's as rare as diamonds. It's a Pokémon you've sought after through the whole game just waiting to find that elusive Farfetch'd from some far away character in a corner of the world that you have to barter with to obtain it, and then what you receive is something that even a Magikarp could beat. The only merit to Farfetch'd is that it's design is coooooooooool, I adore how it looks <3

... In case you can't tell, I'm not a huge fan of Farfetch'd. xD If anyone actually likes this weird karate bird thing then please do explain why - I'd love to hear it!