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Quote originally posted by Annay:
The tiles seem unique, it adds more beauty to your game.
But .. I want to see some event in your game O3O
sort of Coming right up!

Quote originally posted by Atomic Reactor:
Well Maxironi, you've got the dankest, dopest, gem around. I'm digging this mad ammo godzilla graphic style, it's quite pleasent on my iris's. I also enjoy the comedic lines in the trainer school. I will now be paying attention to this thread since my settings make it so posting somewhere makes me subscribe to it. I hope you stick to this project for a good while, it's like sooper dope. :3
Comedic lines shall be scattered across the game! :D
Thanks, I'm glad you like it though.

Quote originally posted by Nintendork15:
A desert town.
I'm liking it. In fact loving it. Good job!
woo yay thanks!

Sorry for the lack of updates. I haven't even opened Auburn since that last update. Fooled around with some events and oh no here it is:

The letters are still a work in progress but for the most part it works. Important letters will be put into your bag as items.