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Almost done. Just gotta write the opening. Is it good so far?

Name: Doug Juniper
Age: 14
Gender: M
Appearance(Picture can be provided in its place): Doug is a small boy,reaching only 4’9”. He is usually covered in dirt and has green eyes like his mother, Professor Juniper. He is a semi-tanned boy with lots of acne. He carries around a satchel with him to keep his pokemon and pokedex in.

Personality: Doug is a pokemon researcher. Not really, that’s a self-proclaimed title. His goal is to complete the zombie pokedex, a concoction he created himself where it give the usual data, zombie data, and risk of infection. He is super good with computers and loves his pokemon with all his heart.

History(How did you avoid the infection, what was life like leading up to it? 6vlines minimum): Doug was on a vacation to the Kanto region without his mother before the outbreak. He feels like it come so suddenly. He had almost completed the pokedex, before the outbreak. He realized he couldn’t scan pokemon that were infected, so he hacked the pokedex he currently had to the title Infectiondex.He ended up in the Pewter Gym, hiding in the attic. He lived on pecha berries,because there was a pecha tree outside the attic that he could just about reach. One day he falls out the window, trying to reach a berry. Just great. He picks up a baseball bat on a nearby field and it has been his friend since then.

Pokemon(2 maximum, types immune to the disease include rock-types and ghost-types. You are not required to have one of these two types, but keep theinfection in mind if you don't.):
Pokemon: Froslass
Nickname: Shadow
Personality: Sneaky and quick would sum her up well.
Moves(6 Max): Double Team, Icy Wind, Astonish, Confuse Ray, Ominous Wind, Wake-Up Slap
Opening Post(8-10 lines minimum):
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